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RevvNRG Retail  |  REVV-O-Lution of Energy Drinks

As you sip our exotic juice and tea blend, know that you will be treating yourself to ingredients that for centuries have been legendary for alleviating fatigue & stress, boosting immunity, sharpening mental clarity, improving circulation, aiding in weight loss and battling free radicals.

RevvNRG delivers sustained, non-jittery energy in a convenient on-the-go packet without mega-doses of sugar or caffeine.

Through a unique formulation of exotic fruits, vitamins, and teas, you will enjoy a tremendous boost of energy without the crash while building your body's natural defenses and ability to combat stress. Our exotic, delicious beverage is the perfect marriage of nature's bounty and scientific scrutiny made from the finest ingredients born from the shady depths of South America.

RevvNrg come in boxes of 30 sticks individually wrapped and ready to be sold!

Feel The Energy 

Feel The Boost!

  • Non-Jittery Energy
  • Broad Spectrum Antioxidant Support
  • Healthy Circulation
  • Sharpened Mental Clarity
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RevvNrg Offers easy convienent packaging ready to put on your retail shelf!

About RevvNrg:

RevvNRG Drink. How would you describe the best energy drink? It has to be a great tasting, good-for-you beverage that benefits your mind, body and soul by giving you that extra push you need to get through the long day. Can an energy drink actually increase your health and vitality and allow you to energize yourself naturally? The answer is yes! Come and join the Revv-o-lution of Energy Drinks and the best up and coming company today!

Around the world, thousands of people turn to Revvnrg for optimum health and well-being. We are dedicated to ensuring you a freer, more active and healthier lifestyle. Our exotic and delicious beverage is a perfect natural balance that exceeds all scientific scrutiny.

The lush emerald rainforests of South America have always intrigued the western world, however its plants and people have long remained a secret. This secrecy is in large part due to the fact that this extreme region is so rugged and impenetrable. But despite these dense and dangerous landscapes, native Indians have thrived there for millions of years.. Amazingly, they have done so largely without the need for modern medicine, doctors, or hospitals. Their diet alone provides them ample energy and the physical fortitude required for living in such an environment. Did you ever wonder how they have managed to achieve this feat? We did and we have come to include many of the amazing foods into our RevvNrg drink for us to consume on a daily basis.

Looking for a healthy Energy Drink? The answer is simple... RevvNrg