Why do Athletes choose RevNRG?

 So they don't hit a wall...they JUMP over it!
RevvNRG is the first an all-natural Nutrient Rich Granule drink mix, which has all the ingredients proven to help mental clarity and efficiency. In an out door environment, you cannot afford to be weighed down with liquid energy drinks.  You need something that you can just add to any water source.  Weather it is the bottle of water you carry on you or a wilderness spring; now you can add an all-natural, tasty, lightweight supplement that has what your mind and body craves.

With all the bad news coming out on the ingredients found in common energy drinks, many sports programs have decided to remove them from their line-ups.  In fact, many sports programs have also removed carbonated soft drinks because of their ties to unhealthy eating habits.  The liability is just not worth the risks.

Now your sports team can enjoy a drink mix that actually tastes great, is healthy, and can increase your athlete’s chances for success.  How is this possible?  Well, RevvNRG is formulated using exotic tropical fruits and tea extracts that supply antioxidants, fiber, protein, amino acids, potassium, iron, copper, zinc, omega-3 and 6 other fatty acids, along with vitamins B6, B12, C & D.  Not to mention each serving is equivalent to four servings of fruit.

Dr. Daniel G. Amen, M.D. the author of “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” and Jean Weiss from MSN Health and Fitness agree that the following five ingredients found in RevvNRG help people and athletes focus:
1. Water:  “The human body is two thirds water.  Water is an essential part of every function in the body, including brain blood flow and cell function”.
2. Essential Fatty Acids: “omega-3 fatty acid is the key to unlocking an ADHD child's brain”.
3. Vitamin B complex:  “The B vitamins improved neural activity and are great at reducing stress, both useful for children with ADHD”.
4. Protein: “Serving a protein meal doesn't mean you have to cook”.
5. Trace Minerals: “Trace minerals are micro-nutrients that are needed by the body every day, but in small amounts.  Trace minerals that would help an ADHD child include zinc and iron”.
As a fundraiser, RevvNRG has no equal.  Most teams can achieve a 100% market up on this product and remain very competitive with other energy drinks.  Indeed, with the right venue, RevvNRG can even increase the sales of bottled water products you might sell too.

Let us show you how RevvNRG can make your athlete and your team successful, please calls us today at 1-855-REVVNRG (1-855-738-8674).